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Permanent Water supply scheme for Alumina Project of NALCO at Damanjodi


The project scope consists of Design, Engineering, Procurement, Supply and commissioning (EPC) of permanent water supply scheme for the Alumina plant and the town ship at Damanjodi from the intake feed wells from Kolab reservoir on River Kalandhi.

The plant is designed to for a water intake of 1140 m3/hr and treatment for iron, suspended solids and turbidity.

The scheme consists for construction of water intake feed wells from Kolab Reservoir on River Kalandhi, pumping of water along 10km pipeline to the water reservoir with raw water treatment unit consisting of Stilling chamber, pre-aeration tank, Parshall Flume for the measurement of the quality of incoming raw water, Clariflocculator, Rapid Gravity Sand filters, Chlorination system, flocculant and coagulant chemical dosing arrangement, Raw water reservoir and Pumping arrangement.

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