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ONGC Petro additions Ltd (OPaL), Dahej - Side Stream Filters


The project scope consists of design, engineering & supply of Side stream filters for ONGC Petro additions Ltd (OPAL), Dahej Petrochemical Complex, through Gammon India Ltd, who are supplying the Cooling Towers.

The side stream filters are for 3 sets of Cooling Towers CT1, CT2 & CT3.

CT1 is for Cracker Unit – 4 x 400 m3/hr Total 1600 m3/hr.
CT2 is for Polymer Unit – 2 x 400 m3/hr Total 800 m3/hr.
CT3 is for boiler house – 2 x 160 m3/hr Total 320 m3/hr.


The filters are designed as horizontal Twin Bed Units and to reduce the suspended solids from 50 to 10 ppm.

The filters are designed for semi automatic operation through PLC.

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