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Dissolved Air Flotation Unit
Flow Diagram & Description

Dissolved Air Flotation, Conventional Circular Conventional Circular DAF Description

Paramount also offers conventional circular DAF systems. In this system, effluent dosed with flocculant/coagulant from flocculation tank is fed into coagulation tube situated at the centre of DAF unit. Coagulation tube is a vertical cylinder suspended in the centre of the tank where the flocculated effluent enters tangentially to ensure intimate mixing of the flocculated solids with the micro bubbles which are generated due to depressurisation of recycled effluent (which is also fed tangentially).

Dissolved Air Flotation, Tilted Plate Flotator Tilted Plate Flotator

These conglomerates are separated in the TPF (Tilted Plate Flotator) system. Here, flocs are separated in the corrugated plate pack which is installed at an inclination to create maximum surface area for separation in minimum volume. Flow through these plate packs is maintained as laminar thus creating ideal separation conditions. The separated conglometates collect in the corrugated crests and subsequently moves upwards in the pack counter current, eventually forming a compact floating layer on the liquid surface.

The floating layer of the TPF units is continuously compacted and skimmed by a skimmer. The treated water leaves the plate pack at the bottom end, rises and is then discharged over an adjustable weir.

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