Paramount Limited
Water Treatment Systems Wastewater Treatment Systems Recycle & Zero Liquid Discharge
Oil Water Separators Filtration
Flocculators Mixers, Agitators and Classifiers Membrane Based System
Clarifiers and Thickeners Flocculators Resin Based System
Plate Separators Clarifiers and Thickeners Multiple Effect Evaporator System
Filtration Plate Separators Thermal Equipment & Packages
Resin Based System Filtration  
Strippers & Degassers Resin Based System    
Membrane Based System Strippers and Degassers    
  Membrane Based System    
    Package Sewage Treatment Plants    
  Biological Treatment    
Package Plant & Systems Emmission Control & Incinerators Thermal Equipments
Oil Water Separators Emission Control Systems Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
Dosing Systems Incinerators
Condensate Polishing Unit Mixers, Agitators and Classifiers
Package Sewage Treatment Plants Clarifiers and Thickeners Surface Condensor
Filtration Plate Separators Thermo-Syphon Reboiler
Resin Based System Filtration Falling Film Evaporators
Membrane Based System Thermal Equipment & Packages MEE Forced Circulation
Thermal Equipment & Packages  
Special Package System  
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